[eDebate] In defense of Hester

Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Thu Apr 3 07:58:08 CDT 2008

Michael Hester needs no defense.  He is like Chuck Norris in that regard.  I don't know much about Hester other than the occasional smile and howdy at the rare tournament.  Except I know this.
When Hester was a camper at the Arizona Debate Institute one summer about 29 years ago (it may have been only 15 years ago), there was an "incident."  One evening, like 10pm, the sirens started to blare and the police began to swarm all over the Howard Johnson's, the ADI hotel.  They told all of us in public areas that we needed to go to our rooms and lock our doors immediately.  Apparently there was an evildoer running about and we were much better off behind doors than out by the pool or in the lobby or milling about.  I was an instructor and so went to my room as instructed to hang with a few folks.  We waited and waited and waited.  It took a couple of hours to get the all-clear from the police.
It turns out that a suspect in a murder had escaped police custody some blocks away and had been on the run.   This guy had run into the Howard Johnson's and the police had followed him.  We were on lockdown until they finally caught the guy.  As folks talked to each other about the events of the evening, the reports of sightings began to accumulate:  one camper had been thrown out of an elevator by him, one camper saw him sneaking through the stairwell, one camper had peed on themselves when that guy pounded on their door, and so on.The most memorable account was by a couple of folks who had witnessed an act worthy of a Bronze Star of Debate Geekhood.  The aforementioned alleged murderer was running around on an upper floor when he saw a red-headed guy sitting in the hall on the floor, paper strewn all around him.  He ran toward this kid, yelling obscenities and threatening bodily harm while brandishing a knife.  Something to the effect that if he didn't get lost he would kill him.  The kid, rather than running into his room, looked up and told Mr. Alleged Killer Running Amok "I'm not going anywhere.  I'm a debater and I need to finish cutting these cards."  
The collective narrative had it that the Foul Murderer, stunned by this display of Nerdiness, simply shut up and walked away.  He was apprehended by the police a short while later on a different floor.True story.  Michael Hester needs no defense.  Well, that I know of anyway...
Michael Korcok

Date: Thu, 3 Apr 2008 08:12:55 -0400From: stevendamico at gmail.comTo: edebate at ndtceda.comSubject: [eDebate] In defense of Hester

Hey folks, 
Back off on Hester a bit. 
Hester is one of the kindest, most welcoming (and most fun) souls I have met in debate. Yes he said one thing a few of us extremely disagree wit, but that doesn't justify the vitriol I am seeing in some of these posts. Especially since he has engaged in a discussion and admits others have good points. That's both debate and consensus building. 
The fact hester wouldn't think anyone would hire based on edebate rantings just shows how awesome he is--because he would never hire on such dumb criteria, while we all know some dumb ass lawyer in NYC would.
I think everyone needs to point their anger in the right direction, because if you really think about all of this, it's all G.W.Bush's (and Jack Stroube's) fault. 
Friends don't let friends vote Republican (or for Ron Paul--I'm looking at you Paul Strait) 
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