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Your Boys Moschiach & Muhammed getsomepoliticalnuance
Fri Apr 4 06:53:54 CDT 2008

The lesson we learn from this guy's post: we do not need to know who you are
to know you are a tool.

Oy goyims...

Only a logical ignoramus could insult a Jew (Omri) for his exclusionary
Zionism that imposes violence on a victim class while simultaneously calling
for the violent exclusion of individuals who do little more than recognize
the request of victimized individuals. Meaningless content can have
meaningful [negative] real world implications.

Only a seasoned boy's club boy could write off individuals' concerns for
discussing edebate ethics as products of sexual inactivity. Your post,
clearly, is brimming with charming flair and dexterous wit, of which the oh
so clever pun "omritarded" is only one example; it's obvious that none of us
are getting any lady action because they're all in bed with you, begging for
more omritorts like 'omg omreally! he's omridiculous!'. The following
results from your logic: Your comments are super lame and you created an
email account on top of drafting a long response. Ergo your gigantic balls
have gotten less play than Mick Jagger's solo records. (Your logic is flawed
so don't bother arguing 'aha, this links to your balls, too, for making an
email account, lolz!')

Only an anti-Semite could justify exterminating a Jew for his Jewish
politics. No shit Palestinians are the oppressed in the Israel-Palestine
power arrangement. And no shit there are other Jewish politics to be had
outside of Zionism. The difference between you and me, as individuals who
agree on these 2 things, is that your call to exclude the Zionist (Omri)
justifies a permanent net increase in the harm you identify -- extermination
(of Palestinians). You condone extermination (of Omri) as punishment for
extermination (of Palestinians). Another difference between you and me: I
know where the clitoris is.

Inshaallah you'll figure out that articulating mutual peoples' politics
within binaries closes off the possibility of anything but mutually assured
destruction. And that insulting people's moms is shenanigans.


2 more fake prophets (who are, minimally, less violent than your thorny ass)
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