[eDebate] the RFD

Omri Ceren ceren
Fri Apr 4 17:20:56 CDT 2008

On 4/4/2008 2:23 PM, jesus christ wrote:

> Omri--glad you liked it(or tolerated, noticed it) obviously meant no 
> specific harm and it warms my K debaters heart to have you recognize the 
> strategic value of such an endeavor. cheers.

Don't flatter yourself. You're that most pathetic of all things - an 
anonymous troll. You poured poured hours and hours of work into vicious 
snarling. You quite literally had to debate against yourself. And then 
you had the unblinking stupidity to give yourself an account name with 
the phrase "political nuance" - as if your forced detachment was either.

Your "endorsement" that I should be thrown into a death camp likely 
crosses the line into a physical threat. Your unprovoked harassment is 
certainly in explicit violation of your TOS. And your public slanders of 
me and my family might very well be actionable.

But as an anti-Semite - eh, you're at most B+. I personally judged more 
sophisticated anti-Semites than you last weekend. They also called what 
they did "anti-Zionism." This community excuses in-round domestic 
violence as "ironic." It justifies conspiracy mongering about American 
Jews (and the Christians they've corrupted) as "political engagement."

And today it reached a point where the "endorsement" of anti-Semitic 
violence against a decade-long debater and coach became quite literally 
unremarkable. So don't pretend that you're anything but a dull and 
thoroughly mainstream bigot.



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