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J.Bradley Heron bradheron
Fri Apr 4 18:02:57 CDT 2008

I normally just sit on the sidelines these days and observe, but like my old friend Bear recently felt the need to declock, I too cannot let a comment go unanswered.  I am a stage in my life, where I have kids approaching the age to which it's time to either steer them towards the world of debate or away from that world.
Like most people reading this, debate has been good to us and allowed us all to grow as humans, although I suspect that growth took many different paths, all of which weren't pleasant.
I have 5 children, including an Autistic child.  WHile I am now relatively financially secure, I am by no means wealthy enough to be throwing money away.  Despite that fact, I recently wrote a check to Matt Standard for $105 to support Wyoming Debate and to support someone who exemplifies what I would want my own Children to grow up like.
Matt Standard is someone that without hesitation would take me and thousands of others into his home and help them in a time of need, and I am guessing that even includes the deeply disturbed young person who posted this hateful response.
Matt has been very important to this activity by allowing thousands of people over the years to be exposed to the world of debate, some of those people will undoubtedly be the future pillars of the activity. 
I can go through the hundred of things Matt has done to support this activity and to make Debate work in the West and provide an affordable venue to learn and be exposed to the activity, but it is not needed as you all know this.  What you might not know is the level of sacrifice that Matt has asked his family and himself to go through each year to compensate for the lack of resources and help to provide these avenues.  I know for certain that each year Matt has to face the same challenge of whether its worth it.
I do not not know who the hell this poster is, but I am absolutely certain that you are way out of line and I hope that debate has no place for people like you in it.  You my friend are a hater and life will catch up with you sooner than later.  I just hope before that time comes that your words do not discourage another father like myself from exposing there children to the activity that we all owe some much too.
Brad Heron 

Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2008 17:23:21 -0400From: omritarded at gmail.comTo: edebate at ndtceda.comSubject: [eDebate] the RFDits pretty devastating that your 3nr is largely an enormous concession with a few pointless caveats which illustrate how little you actually  understand, sort of pathetic actually.  all your ev flows for me and as it turns out the crushing burden of negative competition  is just too much for that tiny little brain. id like to go on the line by line propper but im allready prepping for the next round and some debates are just so obvious that well,  it seems almost cruel at this point  to  explain further.  the closest you have come to an arg is that edebate is the wrong forum and that will likely once again make you the vag of resentiment. but again, thanks for playing and maybe next time you will figure out whats going on before the debates over. Omri--glad you liked it(or tolerated, noticed it) obviously meant no specific harm and it warms my K debaters heart to have you recognize the strategic value of such an endeavor. cheers. Matt Stannard--can we ban big crazy douchebags from posting here--oh wait we cant this isn't your marxian fascist utopia and guess what,  it never will be. stop tickling the sack of a dead philosopher who was really just trying to explain to his wife why he didn't have a real job and find yourself an Engels so that you might leave the rest of us alone and stop flooding evidence sets with cards that obviously don't fucking work.  Marx himself would call you  a loser not for your incessant felating of his dead corpse but for being the last holder of a candle in a vigil to mourn  something called modernity. for fucks sake man,  read some zizek  or some derrida at least(yeah, i know the words are big but you can get through em if you just sound them out) at least zizeks alt is not too far from what you are actually doing. wishing it away wont make you less broke, being good at your job might but since thats obviously a foregone conclusion, you and the rest of the trixy hobbits(you know who you are) out there  should at least mask your moronical stupidity and defiant idiocy with some sweet evidence so that people wont know on sight that you're at a waste of their time. the omri post was obviously a joke, my banter with A. was playful and fun(at least for me) but you sir are a fucking piece of shit and you should prolly crawl back underneath your trailer and read das capital until you whither and die. it is with that i am done, im not promising that one of my compatriots wont decide to berate stannard or call asha a retard but i have said my piece and will happily walk away from the edebates for a few months waiting for the next time i get bored enough to be obnoxious in print for your mutual annoyance and entertainment. thank you all and goodnight. M
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