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1) the 1987-88 Latin America political stability high  school topic is one
of the top five debate topics of all time

2) the SQ college topic formulation process would wring every ounce of
goodness out of such a topic until it was nothing but a convoluted, 87-word
mess of dumb overlimits that screamed "muy mal."


p.s. - #2 is terminally non-unique, and thus no reason not to debate Latin
America again, but merely a reminded that it's not the subject matter that
is important in choosing a topic

On Fri, Apr 4, 2008 at 10:35 PM, Andrew Michael-Don Casey <acasey3 at ucok.edu>

> So, in light of the fairly consistent remark made to me by framework
> debaters that I ought involve myself in the topic process before I
> bitch about the topic, I offer the following:
> I say we debate about South America. Not that I wouldn't enjoy the
> intelligence topic (or how rapidly boring it would become?.), South
> America is a very timely very action-packed topic that could cover a
> good range of issues while meeting the enjoyment needs of both the
> policy schools and the K crowd. I know there will be some concerns such
> as we just had a foreign policy topic, but this is a dramatically
> different topic than the ME was (culturally and politically). Also, I
> did a quick look through of all the topics in the past and ZERO were
> even close to this part of the world (the nfl did one in 1987-1988). I
> don't think there has been close to a focus in our history of a topic
> that studied government structure in latin America. My issue with that
> is that the region is volatile, expanding, has a rich history, and is
> just important to talk about.
> There is a lot of relevant advantage case area ? narco, trade,
> environment, pollution, human trafficking, corruption, border disputes
> There would be tons of disad ground ? trade, economy, China, Japan (
> well a lot of international actors have stakes in the region), politics
> (US politics obviously? but also there are some legislative elections
> in a few of the countries that could be talked about).
> Good K ground ? depending on the wording this could actually be good K
> aff ground (as compared to other described K ground for next topic(s)
> where the K ground is "you get to go negative") and very good neg K
> lit.
> There are a couple of countries in particular that could be focused on.
> Brazil has a lot of development: "As Brazil's domestic economy has
> grown and diversified, the country has become increasingly involved in
> international politics and economics. The United States?is  primary
> markets for Brazilian exports and sources of foreign lending and
> investment. Brazil has also bolstered its commitment to
> nonproliferation through ratification of the nuclear Non-Proliferation
> Treaty (NPT), signing a fullscale nuclear safeguard agreement with the
> International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), acceeding to the Treaty of
> Tlatelolco, and becoming a member of the Missile Technology Control
> Regime (MTCR) and the Nuclear Suppliers Group.Its got border disputes
> and even some Illicit drugs." (wikipedia).It is economically growing.
> Brazil may become among the four most dominant economies by the year
> 2050.  Brazil is the world's largest producer of ethanol.
> Colombia. Dude. Colombia could be sweet for anyone. History of
> corruption, narco, terror, child soldiers. You name it, Colombia has it.
> Venezuela ? two words: Hugo Chavez.
> Peru ? trade issues everywhere. Increasing GDP with increasing debt.
> Argentina has a lot of discussion ? "The United States has a positive
> bilateral relationship with Argentina based on many common strategic
> interests, including non-proliferation, counternarcotics,
> counterterrorism, the fight against human trafficking, and issues of
> regional stability, as well as the strength of commercial ties.
> Argentina is a participant in the Three-Plus-One regional mechanism
> (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and the U.S.), which focuses on
> coordination of counter-terrorism policies in the tri-border region."
> (wikipedia)
> Obviously these are just some ideas. Mike Davis has been writing the
> topic paper for this one and is asking for any help possible. Right now
> he wants the area to focus on economic integration/cooperation in the
> region. Im not sure if im married to that idea yet, but it is a good
> place to start. Right now I think we just need some ideas and a little
> base research done. If you want to contribute send off an email to
> mikedavis13 at aol.com or to me acasey3 at ucok.edu . do this preferably
> before the 11th.
> -A Casey
> UCO debate
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