[eDebate] Russia, Latin America, Reparations, & Prisons

Donald Bryson anabaptist
Sun Apr 6 16:19:45 CDT 2008

I'm gonna have to disagree with your analysis of the Latin America topic.  The issue with Latin America is a bit more complicated than it was in 1995, I believe.  The rise of Venezuelan Oil, Hugo Chavez, Chinese influence in the region, the retirement of Fidel Castro, the pollution of Latin American cities, the growing Latin American influence in the WTO, NAFTA, and OPEC.....it's kinda ridiculous.  Heck, I was cutting cards on the China topic that said the next communist bloc would be in South America.

My ranks (not that anyone cares, but the topic writers want to know community interest):

1. Latin America - not quite as big as Russia possibly, but probably a more timely topic

2. Russia - enormous room to write a topic with enormous ground for either side....Red Dawn here we come.

3. Intelligence - very timely topic in light of the post-911 world and in our current military situation(s) abroad.  I was half thinking on writing a paper on this topic myself.

4. Prisons - I can't really handle this topic in my head right now, but I do see a lot of courts debates and probably a lot of courts politics debate...race and class K ground would be abundant.

5. Reparations - As Dr. Glass said, it would be easier to understand this topic if we had some wordings to go by, but of course it's not fair to put a larger burden on this paper writer than on others.  I'm not sure what the neg ground would be.  I believe Andy Ellis wrote something about agent cp ground, but that just screams aspec/ospec debates to me.  The "USFG key" evidence is going to be devastating to any counterplans, but I don't know that you're going to find any particular government agency.  I could be wrong of course.

Donald Bryson
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