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Nicholas A. Thomas pinkballoon
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"Resolved: the United States Federal Government should substantially increase its development of inner space."

Solvency advocates to be found in existentialist philosophy, psychoanalytic literature, and self-help books.  Favored authors may include James Frey, Sun Ra, members of the Bush administration except Colin Powell, Timothy Leary, Lewis Carroll, "Dr." Phil, the long-marginalized Plato, several dead "white" men, and a few others representing tokenized identities to be announced at a later date.

This topic provides plenty of arguable ground for both sides. 
Affirmatives may run anything from simple civics and education plans to metaphysical engagements with inner space and psychology, and psychotropics.  Affirmatives should also be able to run "invade Iran" since only the imagination of inner space provides the United States with not-so-overstretched military strength with which to accomplish the feat.  Fiat debates should be relatively simple since fiat is an affirmative construct and inner space may be characterized as "pure" fiat with oedipal-military-industrial complexes.
The negative has its usual tricks plus critiques of the idea of "spatiality," of the Cartesian dualism advanced by the idea of an "inner" space, anti-state arguments, and topicality arguments that philosophically clash over what counts as a "substantial increase" in "development of inner space" (narcissism will be a key standard).  I expect rehab for Lindsay Lohan / Brittany Spears to be huge research burdens, even for teams with the most tabloid-savvy card-cutters.

Funding and politics ground should still be good, but quibbles over enforcement are probably out since they run into existential absurdity.  Existential absurdity is, in fact, a rather huge hurdle for affirmative solvency, but I expect that teams will find their own projects for becoming resolute in the face of thrownness.  Negative victories may well turn on whether affs can be exposed as mere inauthentic being with the-they as the how of average everydayness that Da-sein finds itself being for the most part.

Like Mr. Korcok, I will not be doing any research for my topic paper because I agree with him that research is for losers.  Vote for my topic, your debaters will greet you will flowers.  I do not intend to submit my topic through the official topic process.  Instead, I will wander about, lying to novices that this is the *real* topic, while encouraging other debaters "who hate freedom" to subvert the will of the people.

Nicholas A. Thomas  ; )
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Department of Communication Arts & Sciences
Pennsylvania State University
nat129 at psu.edu

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"I personally would vote for a space topic over any other."
Then do it.  Debates are fully capable of taking care of deep and tricky claims like "the Earth is in outer space." 
Right, swampy?
Michael Korcok

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