[eDebate] Reply to Massey

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Apr 7 12:27:56 CDT 2008

Ok Jackie, let me modify the claim originally asserted. It should be, "Jackie,
give me ONE example of a resolution in your alternative world that is worth a
shit. I have yet to see one."

To that claim, I do not think you have an adequate answer.

It has been three years and the best anybody has seen from you is a rehash of
the Mexico topic applied to China. As typical in a kritikal style debate, you
pick one small part of a person's overall argument, defeat it, then somehow
claim total victory over it. I don't buy it. We agree that the topics over the
past few years have been poorly drafted. But your alternative is worse.

You ask for engagement on why detailed resolutions matter, and when you get
called on it, you pick the smallest, most irrelevant point to go for. Great
argumentation. You don't even try to defend your topic porposal or answer why
bidirectional topics would be good for debaters.

You ask for a discussion as to why switch side debate is good. There is a
response on the table. Instead of advancing the discussion on the issue, you
hurl dismissives that you posted a shitty topic proposal three years ago on
edebate. A nonresponsive argument is simply a nonresponse. You can do it that
all day, but the argument on the table is that in tournament debates, switch
sides debates and balanced topics are good for reasons of fairness and
competitive equity. The argument that debate is a game to test ideas remains on
the table. You have no real response other than to say, "I gave a resolution on
the China topic."

You have until April 18 to draft a real topic area and real resolutions for the
community to evaluate. Put your money where your mouth is and try to draft a
topic and actual resolutions, have the community snipe at it, and then see how
far your project to dismantle switch side debate advances. The Bureacratic
hurdles that you and Korcock talk about are, in my mind, cop outs. All you have
to do to get your topic paper posted and considered is to send it to Gordon
Stables via e-mail. Its is little more than posting something to edebate.
Except, you may have to contemplate whether your choices really make any sense
and then have people vote on your proposal.


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