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now that was under 5 minutes after I posted...I guess the 03 and 1993 references are to the 2 cards at the bottom...so you digested all the others already?  
An hour...yeah...you can't prioritize web results on google as per date...especially when you search "latin america" "congress" or "policy towards"...a little better than unsubstantiated claims...you might want to take another look

(grow some hair! lol)

Jason Russell <jasonlrussell1 at gmail.com> wrote: The only ones of these articles with solid policy prescriptions are from 03 and 93, not exactly confidence inspiring. Also, CATO hardly appeals to the entirety of the community, given the ideological predispositions you can expect from a right-wing economic unit. And, this took an hour? JT, for shame (I love and respect JT and this is why I can rib him a little; dont any of ya'll start crying that Im being mean to him).  



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