[eDebate] A Message to the Debate Community

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Apr 7 19:45:14 CDT 2008

Sounds like you have a problem with the elitism of the NDT, and not with CEDA.
My recollection at CEDA Nats '08 was there were plenty of small school students
and coaches rooting for Towson, the upsets were a breath of fresh air. That the
"old guard" rallied to protec their precious NDT is an indictment of the NDT
elitists, not of the debate community writ large.

Working for some form of inclusion or "respect" from the NDT will not solve the
problem of elitism within policy debate. All it would mean is that Towson gets
co-opted at the "elite" token school, thereby allowing the elitists to point to
their token and say, "see, we are inclusive...." It will be interesting to see
iin the next few years how Towson will be "used" like a prison punk to
demonstrate that policy debate has broken down its barriers for inclusion, just
as a few tokens of female particpation are currently used.

I think Marxist theory may be a better explantion of what is going on.


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