[eDebate] A Message to the Debate Community

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Mon Apr 7 21:04:06 CDT 2008


I was at CEDA Nats. I watched Towson in two out rounds. I wish we could have
stayed to see the  physical confrontation after Ft. Hays got called out in
Quarters, but we had to catch a plane before the decision was rendere. They won
on the flow (too bad nobody had balls to run "t" for nine minutes). The
rhetorical punch in the mouth, and the poiting out of the hypocrisy that people
practice, delivered by the Towson 1AC has made me smile for at least three weeks
now!  I know what I saw at CEDA. There was a "vibe" going on that is difficult
to explain. Even I, a stick in the mud when it comes to debate, was wowed by
the pathos AND logos of the Towson strategies. Sometimes teams just have their
moment. I was glad to see it.

As far as the NDT "cabal," I am just going off of what others say happened at
the NDT. So, if you want to engage in the denial, go for it. Your denials will
have to go against those who bear witness to the old guard's attempts to
preserve elitism and the "real" national championship. Talk to your feloow
elitists who bear witness to the crap going on behind closed doors, the
evidence trading, and high fives--don't come crying to me.

It is no racist conspiracy. I will spot you that. If it had been an all white
community college that won CEDA Nats four days before the NDT, the reaction by
the good ol' boys would have been the same. If you think  there is not a "good
ol' boy network" working within the NDT to virtually guarantee that one of the
traditonal four schools do not come out on top, then I cal bullshit. Again,
Marx offers a better explanation of what is going on.

It is real simple, just open up the NDT like CEDA, and we will see what happens.
But, I think you all love the elitist structure and will continue to work to
preserve it. Let us all stand in awe of those that get the first round bids,
determined by a group of predominately white men, at predominately white,
elitist and RICH institutions, who base their decisions on a predetermined set
of tournaments that are geared to, almost by definition, guarantee that their
schools come out on top. Instead of denying it, why not just embrace it. David
Duke and George Bush do it every day. Embrace your supremacy and enjoy it.

This is why CEDA should either just disappear or make a clean break from NDT.


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