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Josh jbhdb8
Mon Apr 7 21:44:16 CDT 2008


SE: As far as the NDT "cabal," I am just going off of what others say
happened at the NDT.

JBH: So, heresay evidence it is

SE: So, if you want to engage in the denial, go for it.

JBH: Denial of what? That some people did some uncool stuff...Or, do you
have some proof or even claim of proof that the "NDT Old Guard" conspired
against Towson (an absurd claim if you know Rich Edwards he is a pretty fair
fella).  Who is this old guard? Was there a Ross, Dallas, Gordon, Duck,
Patterson meeting I wasnt invited to?  Did the NDT committee or Board of
Trustees have a secret "get Towson" meeting.....rumors are called rumors for
a reason...slinging around those kind of accusations would seem to put the
burden of proof on YOU not me.

SE: Your denials will have to go against those who bear witness to the old
guard's attempts to preserve elitism and the "real" national championship.

JBH: Really? Who? When? Where?  I cannot wait to hear these details....since
I am in "denial"

SE: Talk to your feloow elitists who bear witness to the crap going on
behind closed doors, the evidence trading, and high fives--don't come crying
to me.
JBH: A) When people win debate rounds they celebrate....when we beat
Northwestern in quarters we celebrated then went over and congratulated
Northwestern.  B) Districts often trade evidence against other teams - I
know district 7 has done this against teams of mine before....are you
actually privvy to some insider information that this was done for
"nefarious" reasons?  You might actually be right, I have no idea...We have
never traded evidence with anyone certainly not at the NDT.  Accusations are
dangerous to make unless you can actually prove them.  Pretty easy to be a
muckraker.....much harder to be ethical about what things you accuse people

SE: It is no racist conspiracy. I will spot you that. If it had been an all
community college that won CEDA Nats four days before the NDT, the reaction
by the good ol' boys would have been the same. If you think  there is not a
"good ol' boy network" working within the NDT to virtually guarantee that
one of the traditonal four schools do not come out on top, then I cal

JBH: Really? why didnt I get the message, so now my team didnt deserve to be
in semis?  Missouri State one of those traditional big four also?  Do they
actually bribe the mutual preference judges?  Is there a list somewhere?  If
so, how did we lose in the doubles last year?  I am confused?

SE: Again, Marx offers a better explanation of what is going on.
JBH: You must be talking about Harpo Marx - he loved a good conspiracy
theory as I recall (between honking his horn).

SE: It is real simple, just open up the NDT like CEDA, and we will see what

JBH: Couldnt the cabal who pairs everything to serve only the Big Four not
foil that scheme too? Gary Larson ran the tab at CEDA and was in the tab at
the NDT...doesnt that totally jack your absurd story?

SE: But, I think you all love the elitist structure and will continue to
work to
preserve it. Let us all stand in awe of those that get the first round bids,
determined by a group of predominately white men, at predominately white,
elitist and RICH institutions, who base their decisions on a predetermined
of tournaments that are geared to, almost by definition, guarantee that
schools come out on top. Instead of denying it, why not just embrace it.

JBH: So it is racist...hard to keep up....above you said it wasnt....so,
everyone who got bids didnt deserve them? Michigan applied last year and
didnt get one...Had I not paid my "cabal" dues?  Do you just say things as
they come into your head...or is there actually something that governs the
absurd things coming out onto the "paper"

SE: David Duke and George Bush do it every day. Embrace your supremacy and
enjoy it.
JBH: So, final line.....David Duke and NDT = same...got you....you should
become a detective...very powerful.

SE: This is why CEDA should either just disappear or make a clean break from

JBH: Because you have made allegations of literal conspiracy and proved
literally zero?  You couldnt even sell a script to a BAD tv network with a
plot this poorly explained, proven, etc...

Ok, as I said to Jackie....make an amendment for secession from the merged
topics....we will see how that goes for you. Now that everyone has the
"proof" of the great conspiracy I am sure you will win in a landslide,

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