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Seth T. Ellsworth sethellsworth
Mon Apr 7 23:06:46 CDT 2008

"Hell, this academic year, I had to scream like a banshee just to find
out when and where these tournaments were being held. Unless you are part of

the group, you need not even know they exist."

I guess debateresults.com is part of the old guard even though all the
tournaments are posted there with dates and invitations.

"Professor Larson's
programs will see to that and you each get strikes. But, this conviniently
forgets an important note--each judge must be "qualified," under NDT rules
prior to them being allowed into the judging pool."

Thats so you don't have my mom judging your teams. Nice lady, terrible flow.
Its so people don't get hosed with really really unqualified (IE I saw a
debate round once, it was cool) judging. "I didn't understand what anyone
was saying so I voted for who I thought dressed nicer." Remember bad high
school debate judging?

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