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Josh jbhdb8
Mon Apr 7 23:08:54 CDT 2008

Things Elliot said implying a conspiracy at the NDT (not before or
structurally) in the original letter:

> "As far as the NDT "cabal," *I am just going off of what others say
> happened at the NDT*. So, if you want to engage in the denial, go for it.
> Your denials will have to go against those who bear *witness to the old
> guard's attempts to preserve elitism and the "real" national championship*.
> *Talk to your feloow elitists who bear witness to the crap going on behind
> closed doors*, the evidence trading, and high fives--don't come crying to
> me."

> *If you think  there is not a "good ol' boy network" working within the
> NDT to virtually guarantee that one of the traditonal four schools do not
> come out on top, then I cal bullshit*. Again, Marx offers a better
> explanation of what is going on.
> But, I think you all love the elitist structure and will continue to work
> to
> preserve it. *Let us all stand in awe of those that get the first round
> bids, determined by a group of predominately white men, at predominately
> white, elitist and RICH institutions, who base their decisions on a
> predetermined set of tournaments that are geared to, almost by definition,
> guarantee that their schools come out on top.* Instead of denying it, *why
> not just embrace it. David Duke and George Bush do it every day. Embrace
> your supremacy and enjoy it*.
> This is why CEDA should either just disappear or make a clean break from
> NDT.
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