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Josh jbhdb8
Mon Apr 7 23:45:42 CDT 2008

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On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 12:43 AM, Massey, Jackie B. <debate at ou.edu> wrote:

> I want no part of this exchange
> Why do i have to be included? You both disagree with me, so I dont think I
> really help the arguments of one side or the other...........(I hope you
> disagree with me anyway.....)
> massey
> --------------
> JBH: Would have voted with feet either way - debate is too
> expensive....Your
> argument is correlative and not causal...just like Massey saying its the
> topic every year. The NDT is one means of determining a national champion
> and a good one. You dont even have one argument for a totally undefined
> counter-system.
> Most of all, I would really appreciate it if you stopped making terrible
> accusations against unnamed but implied coaches. If you have proof, make
> an
> accusation...If you dont, stop trying to paint everyone with accusations
> and
> implications that you make up. Its unprofessional and sad.
> Josh
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