[eDebate] Answering Adam's Question

Duane Hyland privethedge
Tue Apr 8 12:25:57 CDT 2008

I have to ask this question - you're convinced that
white people are racist because of the behavior of 16
year olds in competition who happened to be white? I'm
not sure if you coach or not at the high school level,
i have for about 20 years - I've found that kids that
age will beg, borrow, steal, cheat, lie, and just
about stab their own sweet mother if they think its
going to give them a leg up. What you've stated sounds
more like misplaced arrogance than racism in the
former, and example of what I typed above in the
latter - unfortunate, sure - but not restricted to
white people.

It's a shame that you took these two incidents and
decided that we white people are the devil!!:( I think
they prove one of my favorite lines in Glory Road -
"Knuckleheads come in all colors."

I read your post..it's depressing.



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