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Dayvon Love dplove05
Tue Apr 8 13:13:14 CDT 2008

Duane and Debate community,

I am very shocked that this is the first response to my post.  You are doing exactly what Dr. Warner was saying that people would do, which is to not be responsive to the crux of what I was addressing, which was how do we as a community deal with challenging oppression.

I stated those experiences because I was trying to give people concrete examples of why debate has shown me that even the smartest people in the country can be complicit in white privilege, and I also wanted people to have a better idea why I was compelled to make the arguements that i have been making for the past two years as deven's partner.  What i think is interesting is that you think that people suddenly become race conscious when they get to college, that 16 year olds are inherently dumb and ignorant, and that when they are in college they get that fixed all the sudden.  And if you want my list of college experiences with this then i can provide that too, but as i said my the last post, that would take me all day.

You also say that it is misplaced arrogance, and not racsim... don't u think that misplaced arrogance comes when you think that you are inherently superior to people who you have never met before, and that the most noticable difference between you and them is their race.  I could see if this was one isolated incident, but this is a recurring reaction that I have noticed all throughout my debate career.  I think that its amazingly dismissive for you to pretend these occourences have nothing to do with race

Also, the simple-minded explaination of our arguments on cross-x.com, and in post round discussions (especially when people lose to us) proves that people in this activity aren't very knowledgable about the ways in which racism effects us, and this is often white people who react the worst to my arguments in debate.

I don't think that "white people are the devil" this is also what Dr. Warner was talking about, I never called people racist, in fact let me quote myself just so we can be clear 

"This stems from years of debate experiences with white people that have made me have very low expectations of them in regards to them dealing effectively with their whiteness."

"This isn't about individuals being racist, but an institution that is complicit in the oppression and suffering that is rampant through this society."

I think white people need to play an important role in challenging whitesupremacy and domination.  Andy Ellis is a great example.  I have an undying love and respect for andy, andy has really been one of two people in my life (who have both been white men) who has opened my eyes to the things that I talk about in debate.  Andy is the main person who got me to start reading the books that have become my favorite books to read and talk about.  I try to hope sometimes that other white people would look at his example and try to figure out how they can be allies in the struggle for liberation for black people, or oppressed people in general.  I don't know much about why Dr. Warner is skeptical about andy, maybe there some past events that i dont know about that have contributed to that, but andy has been supportive of me, and has shared my frustration with white radical liberals who think blowing up a federal gov't building, or being completely anti-state is the only way to
 "fight the system".

I think this 1st response proves the point that many others have been making, people just don't want to reflect about what they can do to fight racism and domination, but are more interested in saying that debate is good enough.  I'm disappointed (but not really).


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