[eDebate] Knowing when NOT to debate

Duane Hyland privethedge
Tue Apr 8 14:03:16 CDT 2008

Hi, I can't post a lot right now...but the point of my post wasn't to minimize Dayvon's feelings, or take away from Towson.

First, I was fan of Towson debate long before Dayvon went there.  Dr. Louge was a very important person to me in my college years, and someone who gave me a lot of good advice, and someone who helped me become a better debater - so I was happy to see Towson win. 

But..the purpose of my post was to get Dayvon to try to see that there might be other explanations for that behavior outside of racism. If you can't attempt to examine a problem from all angles, then why look at a problem at all? It's not saying that his problem isn't valid - or that his feelings aren't valid - it's an attempt to fully examine things from all perspectives. My point is that the cheating (the latter) or thinking dismissively (the former) isn't limited to white people - it's more of an example that kids are just like that..regardless of race.

More later.

And no..I'm not afraid to speak my mind - I'm not apologetic for speaking it either. If I am anything, people will tell you I'm honest with my opinions.


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