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Joshua Gonzalez gonzalez
Tue Apr 8 21:37:25 CDT 2008

Yes, it's happening.  Anybody that wants to lend any help, be it in the form
of comments, suggestions, research, etc. would be more than welcome.  Drop
me an e-mail at gonza310 at msu.edu.  
I'll hold off making my pitch for why it would be a truly phenomenal topic
(and uniquely timely) for later in the week.  

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The following list of possible areas that might produce workable
controversies was generated as a result of community input and committee
discussion during the last year. Consider this a starting point and by no
means an exclusive list of options.


Health Care/ Entitlements - (Josh Gonzalez, Liz Wiley)


Contact them directly or let me know if folks have comments or suggestions. 

Remember what you see on edebate isn't a reflection of what work is being
done on the topics. 





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