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Gordon Stables stables
Tue Apr 8 22:09:23 CDT 2008

At current education is not one of the controversies being researched. I had
considered it, but am working on the domestic globalization topic. I would
be happy to share some perspectives with Stephanie or anyone else interested
in this topic. There is a lot of merit to this subject and it has the
potential to be a valuable topic.


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I noticed that earlier in the year, a topic regarding education policy 
was listed as an area being researched, yet it is not included in the 
list of controversies on the CEDA topic website.  I was wondering if 
anyone is still doing research on this topic and, if so, if there's any 
way to get involved in helping make sure this topic makes it on the 
ballot this year.  Please email me off-list if you're working on the 
paper or doing any research for the education topic.

Stephanie Eisenberg

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