[eDebate] Race, Debate, & Towson

Deven bmoreboi325
Wed Apr 9 14:02:23 CDT 2008

Thanks Rashad for eloquently putting into to words alot of the feelings that we feel, especially at the doubles of the NDT and the backlash alot of these people here speak of at tournaments but we dont see many of them REPLYING to these issues. Where are the elite schools who craft these bogus areguments against us because they don't want to come to grips with their whiteness. I mostly agree with the topic issues because  this community thought  they were doing something for us when they put Miliken v. Bradley in last years topic....so they can exploit the Brandt card or other cards about exclusion although they exclude people here in this activity through their segregatory practices...
I feel Dayvon and i have to cater to alot of what judges say or be carful not TO BRING PERSONAL OFFENSIVE ISSUES FROM PAST ROUNDS THAT EFFECT THE ONE WERE IN, because they feel their "Objective" nature cant judge things IN THE PRE-TEXT. 
Another thing that irritates me the most is people try to pull out multiculturalism cards or exclusion cards whenever we want to talk about black people or they want to feel EXCLUDED but ignore the fact that the larger community excludes them more then us....also knowing that these other teams who make these arguments have no stake in what they really mean...FOR some judges to look at me and say RACE DOESNT MATTER ITS MORE OF CLASS OR THERE IS NO BLACK CULTURE does something to me internally that they just can't understand....

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