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Josh jbhdb8
Wed Apr 9 14:18:14 CDT 2008

I agree what Rashad said was very eloquent.  I also dont want to invalidate
anything you have said.  I am just willing to say stuff most people will
not...so, I want to ask some questions about what you said:
First issue:

> Where are the elite schools who craft these bogus areguments against us
> because they don't want to come to grips with their whiteness.

Really?  I have asked this of Ede (Doctor Warner) several times...Orginally
I considered having my teams forfeit to Louisville because we agree with
much of what they say....Is that what you want?  No debate?  Seems like
people try to come up with ideas of how to debate you so there can be a
debate.  I am not talking about teams that say "there is no racism" etc....I
am talking about "crafting these bogus arguments" + "knowing we have no
stake in these arguments (kind of a dangerous argument for you to make
assumptions about btw)"

In addition, many of these arguments you mock (class vs race, identity
politics versus colorblindness, etc) are a LARGE part of the race
literature.  Not everybody enters the race discussion at the same level of
knowlege.  In addition, just because you think race is more salient doesnt
mean Marxists dont have a ton of arguments against that.  This would seem
like your opportunity to debate why Race is more salient then class...Why
black culture exists.  Are you watching this election?  Have you seen what
the right tries to to do Obama with much less radical statements about
race?  Having these debates is critical culturally isnt it?

Again, I understand you finding this stuff offensive....how should people
debate you?  What is it you expect us (white) folks to do exactly (answering
"nothing" in this context like Malcolm doesnt make a ton of sense).

Second Issue:

> I mostly agree with the topic issues because  this community thought  they
> were doing something for us when they put Miliken v. Bradley in last years
> topic....so they can exploit the Brandt card or other cards about exclusion
> although they exclude people here in this activity through their segregatory
> practices...

Could some people have actually thought it was an important decision?  I
mean I know its had a pretty big impact on public schooling in the Detroit
area?  Is it really just throwing a bone anytime race is included in a
topic? If gender is included? I am confused, should race be debated or
ignored? And if ignored, isnt that just concretizing the structure you say
is broken?

> I feel Dayvon and i have to cater to alot of what judges say or be carful
> WERE IN, because they feel their "Objective" nature cant judge things IN THE

Well, its possible they dont have context to evaluate things they didnt
see?  Would you prefer judges who were not objective?

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