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Josh jbhdb8
Wed Apr 9 16:30:40 CDT 2008


I am bit saddened by your response.   I think you worked very hard to
package my story in unflattering terms. I will admit, some of what you said
is true...especially that educators are patenalistic....sometimes me in

That said, I will "quickly" address one part of your post because it
personally had an effect on me.  The rest we can talk about later:

RE: Research is easier now.  But you have to have a computer to access
google.  Can you imagine a world in which not everyone has a computer Josh?

JBH: Yes Rashad.  Actually I can, I used to hand type cards before there
were available and affordable copy machines.  I used to hand type all of my
1ACs in high school.  I used to spend 100s of hours in the libraries in
Oklahoma monthly (we would go to OU and OCU weekly many times) using the
card catalog.  I have NEVER owned my own personal computer (that is to this
day - I know people think debate coaches make tons of money and all but
thats a bit of an exaggeration)....I have always had to use a University lap

Now, part two...I grew up poor, my parents had no money until I was 18-20
(lived in an apartment over a dry cleaners that was interesting to say the
least) then they went broke because of taxes and havent had money again
until I was about 37.  Luckily, they are doing well again now (in their

You say "can poor people turn that into 5 tubs of topic specific evidence."
Well, last time I visited the UCO squad room there was one of those monster
safeway tubs down in the cabinet area with my senior year affirmative in
it....I cut pretty much every card myself...I believe it was over 300 file
folders finished...and I had to use an index at the first two tournaments.
Rememember, I had no computer....I had no coaches cutting evidence (although
we had a very supportive assistant coach).  Also remember, this was my
affirmative for the SECOND SEMESTER because we had two topics.

Now you are right, I attended UCO on a full scholarship because I was a good
debater....Not everyone gets that.  Totally true.  I do know I used all of
my "allowance" every month on copying and got one credit card that I used
for every single non-debate expense....Took me five years after college
ended to pay it back...even though, after college, when I was a graduate
assistant at UCO I made less than $500 a month.

Maybe everyone who is poor isnt motivated toward that kind of
insanity....But some people are....Dont assume because you know poor you
know everyone's poor.  Dont assume because some Marxists are academics means
poverty didnt effect them.

Perhaps I get so angry during these discussions because people assume "lots
of cards" means "wealthy and privleged."  Sometimes its true that debate
work is only possible for the white leisure class...However, there are a TON
of exceptions to that rule...I am sick and tired of people ignoring the many
poor debaters who have worked their ass literally off to get to bids or
elims or late elims or even just to clear once in a while.  I remember
sitting in a library, having no idea how to research and trying to teach
myself which indexes would be the best (readers guide - green, sociolgy -
yellow, books in print - red),,,,I remember trying to figure out how they
would classify the "jargony" names the good teams used for their
affirmatives.  I remember trying to figure out how to write a disadvantage
sitting in a library by myself.  I remember sitting by myself and getting
the crap kicked out of my ego time after time after time but going back to
the damn library until I found the card that would save me.  I suspect
(actually I know) I am not the only one.

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