[eDebate] Deven and Dayvon

Deven bmoreboi325
Wed Apr 9 19:25:50 CDT 2008

  I?m not concerned a lot about the high fiving after we lose, but I can understand that perceptually for oppressed people it does seem like YES those black kids are out of the tournament
.especially when we are the only ones left in out rounds
.but hey
  What you see as trivial to you is a lot of times serious to us and that is quite reductionist for you to say such a thing
  We do not personally attack people we are kritiking an institution not people themselves 
so if people take it personally it is on them if you watch the final round of CEDA you would see this fact
I?m glad some of the ?rich white elite kids really do work their asses off on debate ? I don?t take up a problem with that, but when you say they defend off our emotional attacks you are wrong. We bring issues that people don?t want to talk about because they are taboo like white supremacy and white privilege
if people want to not have a conversation about that and just defend the SQ of those manifestations then cool we will debate
.defend what you do is all we say but we would hope people see how privilege operates to craft a white washed America 
  Your whole example about ?bigoted jackass and meant it in a debate, and not only that but based my entire conception of the ballot?  is not what we do you getting up confused with pass Louisville strats

 ?Like a quote from a recent post:"Where are the elite schools who craft these bogus arguments against us because they don't want to come to grips with their whiteness." Can you honestly say that you're shocked that people might be a little alienated by statements like these??   
     this is in no way the same magnitude of alienation we feel walking down halls of whiteness at debate tournaments
.you try to hedge our minor ?exclusion? against the systematic ignorance of some of this community..but that gets to no resolution
..most of you who debate us don?t even listen to us you just write it off as Louisville/Fullerton and read those blocks 
  And Sir I never said I complained about losing to a Cap K, I?m saying JUDGES who have said those things after a round! the Cap k debate is fine with us but for judges to tell us those things of how they personally feel that is something we don?t care to hear and it makes us feel alienated for talking about race
..if you knew the context in which I was saying those all caps things then you wouldn?t make such generalizations
those people who it applies to know exactly who they ARE.
  Thanks for your congrats
..wish that sign of respect could give us a chance to have you judge us fairly against ?elitist? teams
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