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Wed Apr 9 19:37:53 CDT 2008

Shhssh--Chief! I my take over of the NDT is supposed to be a secret.

As my take over of ADA to change THEIR novice eligibility rules so we can stop
the "red shirting" of novices via the publc debates loopholes.

Oops, did I kick another turd?


Quoting Darren Elliott <delliott at kckcc.edu>:

> That's c-h-i-e-f.  "i" before "e" unless immediately following "c".  : )
> Saying PRP is a JV Nationals is kind of elitist.  You should totally be on
> the NDT committee.
> I mean you give nod to the fact that they may be a 4th year debater but not
> all CC students were like Lawson and never leave.  Much love to him though.
> One year Jordan had a debater who almost qualified to the NDT while being a
> PRP debater.  One of our teams (who won PRP last year as Frosh) and this year
> are both sophomores in year and academically are
> going to PRP and they cleared at CEDA this year 39th seed.  CEDA--an Open
> Nationals--which in case you havent heard is apparently not as cool as hair
> washing--though I suspect people who feel that way couldve used more of both
> in their careers.  When I am done prepping for our 12th National tournament
> this year, I will post more on that.
> At least you stopped advocating blowing up the NDT--probably because you are
> vying for that committee spot!  Is Louisiana even in a District?  ; )
> the smaller Elliott
> chief
> Darren Elliott
> Director of Debate and Forensics--KCKCC
> CEDA President
> >>> <scottelliott at grandecom.net> 04/09/08 6:53 PM >>>
> I stand corrected--FIVE JV Nationals. But to trump Cheif, with Phi Rho Pi,
> there
> will be at least SIX.
> But given graduate rates, etc., there is every chance that a Phi Rho Pi
> national
> champion is really a fourth year college debater.
> Scott
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