[eDebate] Deven and Dayvon

Josh Branson harobran
Wed Apr 9 20:25:10 CDT 2008

only a couple points and then I'm out (although i'm sure at this rate I'll forward about 4 or 5 more posts from people before the night is up)

1. Your conclusion: "wish that sign of respect could give us a chance to have you judge us fairly against ?elitist? teams" 

You've said (at least I think you're saying) with very little evidence either way that I am inherently incapable of judging you fairly. That's exactly what I'm talking about. I've never judged you before. You have literally no idea what you're talking about. So the assumption is this: because I dared to criticize the black kids that I must be totally incapable of ever objectively evaluating an argument involving race. Hmm.....divisive and alienating (and stupid), yes?  

2. "What you see as trivial to you is a lot of times serious to us and that is quite reductionist for you to say such a thing." 

All I'm saying is pick your battles. People getting jealous and acting pissy happens when you win. It comes across as a tad whiny when you are coming off a huge huge historic national championship and within a week start complaining about how people weren't happy enough for you. I really don't think that perceptually it becomes a racial defeat until you make it that way. While there are undoubtedly glaring problems in debate (the fact that there are so few racial minorities in debate), I just get tired of making it about race every single time a team like Towson loses. Surely you can just admit that sometimes you just get beat. It's not always about race. That's all I'm saying. Painting the picture of the 

everpresent-always-screwed-victim who every-time-something-bad-happens-to-him-it's-because-everyone's-racist is not something that grows tiresome. I can already write the answer that's coming "well white privilege is tiresome for us...", save your breath, i'm just saying that sometimes you can take things too far. You just won CEDA, something has to be working right. 

3. "Most of you who debate us don?t even listen to us you just write it off as Louisville/Fullerton and read those blocks." 

Welcome to debate. Shockingly, most teams are lazy and don't listen well. I can't tell you the number of times that I read a DA and the other team didn't listen well enough and read some generic crap and lost because of it. If I were you, I would be thrilled about the fact that other teams don't understand your argument and answer different ones. It seems like it should make those debates pretty easy....

4. Russell---I love you man (although chiefs blow) but you were a little dismissive with no real evidence or args in your comment on my post. You really think that the reaction to Towson's victory was any worse than the average year? Based on what? I'm sure you remember the roomful of people booing Northwestern. While Towson's actual arguments may have merit (I haven't seen them so I'll reserve judgment), i think that they do everyone a disservice by focusing on crap like X judge said they didn't like my argument or Y assclown clapped when I lost. I would think you of all people who generally hates whining would side w/ me on this one. Let's not confuse the little issues for the big ones. (This also applies to RW whose post kinda sounded like a dossier on every debate he thought he got screwed in....who of us on this listserve COULDN'T write a post like that? Hell i could write a 10 page post just on JRussell decisions alone haha). 

I obviously agree w/ you about the rest of your white guilt thing, I wish more people would just trust judges like you to neutrally evaluate the arguments and not make the decision itself always be about race. I'd at least like to think that if Towson won a debate in front of me, that I would vote for them. I really woudln't be living up to everything I believe about debate if I didn't. 


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