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Ede Warner ewarner
Thu Apr 10 01:51:01 CDT 2008

Mike "King Liberator of the Oppressed" Korcok, (just pointing out that you missed that one)
You don't know when to quit, do you?  I even tried to keep it light to leave you some dignity.  But if you must...
Oh and as an aside, the God I believe in is a soldier, a warrior, and a gangster.  "She" lives on the side of town you don't make it to very often.  And yet, "he" is still very loving, compassionate, and empathetic...But once provoked, Boo-ya!  Turns into Superman, Superwoman, Supergirl, and Speed Racer, all at once...
But I digress:  Ok, there are around 1,100 people on this listserv.  The overwhelming majority trained in your method of liberating young minds.  There is no better place to find excellent critical thinkers according to most in the community.  A diverse group politically and ideologically, and a group that likely has agreed more with you about debate than me, and likely on race as well. So we are playing on your home field, but I'm into uphill battles so...
Let's poll them to see who won the debate between going on right now between you and I.  You are still boasting that my arguments and evidence are wholly inaccurate, I am mischaracterizing you, I offer malevolent depictions, I'm dishonest and unfair, lacking integrity.  All of which makes you a "victim", right?  I'd be interested in hearing some RFD's too...
I'm betting most say that the mischaracterization started with your backtracking from your original post, and my offensive onslaught was justified given your initial post...And most will give me some street cred for the way I've handled most of the other discussions, all respectfully and full of love, except this one?  They might even ask themselves why does he treat Korcok different?  Or they may already know?  I'm betting that they will figure out some rationale for why I'm treating you differently.  That's what I would bet on.
But who knows:  I've been wrong before about these judges...I once was convinced that George Ziegelmueller had a team in finals...Didn't get the hand signals right from Dallas.  
Winner gives $1000 to the other's charity and, the loser must publicly embrace the other's religious position, and make no posts to the listserv for a year.  Like I would denounce Christianity on some of those websites where you call for Christian stuff to be taken down off walls.  Or me and you find a church to go and pray together.  You in?  Minimum of 50 judges must be willing so you can't stack the judging pool by calling your fav-5.
Oh, one other thing, this part here from your last post:
Korcok - "6.7 billion humans to choose from and God decides to live in Ede Warner and "not somewhere else".  Such a bold claim gives rise to an equally brash burden of proof.  One would think that if God chose to exist inside Ede Warner and "not somewhere else" then it might extend its noodly appendage up into Ede Warner's brain and inject some special knowledge, not available to the 6.7 billion of us not lucky enough to be graced by God's tenancy."
God aka me - In fact, I have been Blessed to be injected with some special knowledge as a result of the struggles of my ancestors and my people today, including my lifetime of diverse experiences with being Black, something I suspect you know nothing about, but something I bet you believe you fully understand.  
But as long as you keep rolling like this, you can't ever get my special knowledge.  And that's too bad, I'd love nothing more than to share it with you.  I even tried in this debate, but I don't think you heard me.  Kinda like that scene in "White Men Can't Jump" where Wesley Snipes questions whether Woody Harrelson can "hear" Jimmy Hendrix...yeah, kinda like that...
Oh, and I never said God only existed in me.  I suspect "he/she/they" exist in everyone that believes.  Not mutually exclusive judge.  Permutation called "dualism", another product of the Black experience you likely won't understand.  Given these discussions, I suspect you don't do very well coaching teams on the kritik, do you?
Let me know about the bet big shot...If you decline, then please crawl back into your hole and resist future temptations to mess with my people in an effort to show yourself how smart you are...If you accept, let's finalize any details and open up the phone lines...

Holla back,
PS - My charity is the United Negro College Fund, with the funds targeted for the sole purpose of giving CEDA memberships to interested HBCU's.  What's yours?
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