[eDebate] Andy's response to Rashad

Doyle Srader doyle
Thu Apr 10 08:40:57 CDT 2008

I started college in 1987 with far-right political beliefs. On the
Baylor campus, this meant I fit in nicely. Later, nearing the end of my
years as a debate competitor, I realized I'd swung all the way to the
other end of the political spectrum. It seemed to me that the majority
of conservative political "thought" consisted of boiling complex
problems down into bare bones slogans that were comforting,
aesthetically pleasing, and designed to whip crowds up to whoop and hoot
and shout down their opponents. 

During the next few years, a number of my friends and family members
tried to sit me down to enjoy this new radio commentator named Rush
Limbaugh. Rush could get off a good zinger, if you were into that sort
of thing. And again and again I heard, "Haw! Haw! You tell 'em, Rush!"
If you listened closely, you could hear it coast to coast. And what that
set in motion explains in large part why the past seven plus years have
been disastrous for the country.

Go back and read Andy Ryan's post again. Very clever. Very Rush
Limbaugh. Good zingers. Bits that are powerful. Virtually all of them
quite beside the point.

So go ahead and hootie-hoo and whoop and say "You tell 'em, Andy!" and
miss what's going on here, and see where your activity is just a little
ways down the road.

Doyle Srader
Assistant Professor of Speech and Communication
Northwest Christian College

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