[eDebate] Race and Debate- Resp. to Warner

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Thu Apr 10 12:20:30 CDT 2008

Why is this "dumb?"

Before you bloviate about how this question is racist, etc, etc., please note
two pieces of information:

(1) Where in the hell do you think Malcolm X learned to debate? Prison.

(2) Where does a HUGE proportion of African-American men reside in America? Who
needs to develop means of expressing anger and forms of non-violence to
effecuate change? I'd say it is in the nation's prisons. You may want to check
yourself before you do the kneejrk "that's just dumb." You sound like a novice
the first time someone runs growth bad against them. For all the talk about
oppression of minorites within debate, we may want to consider that the
"oppressed" in debate are so far ahead of the game, it is almost laughable to
call it oppression when compared to the lives of millions of minorities in this


"According to the Bureau of Justice of Statistics, by the end of 2005 there were
3,145 black male prison inmates per 100,000 in the United States compared to 471
white male inmates per 100,000. This makes one wonder how far we?ve really come
in resolving race relations.

Is imprisoning this number of black men humane? Are they not being enslaved
again? Some would argue that they do it to themselves either through their
behavior with violence or substance abuse.

Perhaps part of the reason there is higher incidences of crime, drug use and
mental health issues is because of frustration with the inequality, poverty and
lack of opportunities available to these men. It?s understandable how some black
men would act out in anger after years of abuse and neglect. This is what needs
to be addressed and prevented with children before they too end up in prison.
What happens to these children when their fathers go to prison? They are
usually headed by single parents and lack not only their fathers, but the child
support that goes with it. This can contribute to an ongoing cycle of poverty
and crime."

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