[eDebate] Race and Debate- Resp. to Warner

Andrew Michael-Don Casey acasey3
Thu Apr 10 13:20:24 CDT 2008

perhaps dumb wasn't strong enough language. Your response that instead 
of focusing on structural flaws and racism in this community that 
rather those fighting oppression in this community should pick up shop 
and take it to the local penitentiary is...non-sequitir at best and 
probably more precisely, is patronizing, trivializing, and ridiculous. 

While indeed there are a litany of reasons and statistics to show the 
discrimination that founds our legal and correctional systems (all of 
which i believe are true), this does not deny the flaws in this 
community nor does it denote that those struggling against those flaws 
are wrong. We as privileged members of this community should still 
realize the exclusions around us, and consciously make attempts to stop 
them. None of this is to deny the cyclical oppression of our 
correctional systems. We can and should still use our positions to make 
alterations in this activity.

even if you believe i sound like a novice, your assessment of what to 
do in this social location of the debate community makes you sound like 
an ass. I'm sure your heart is in a better place than that.  

still, in awe,
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