[eDebate] Reconciling Science and Religion

Donald Bryson anabaptist
Thu Apr 10 15:55:26 CDT 2008

Those are not mundane questions and are questions that should be asked.

I could very well be insinuating all of those things.  I don't think that it's any more ridiculous to believe that than I think it is to believe that all of existence is some big accident.  All I'm asking Korcok for is to pursue the possibility that religion isn't ludicrous, but he and others who have a "war on religion" seem to think they're simply more intelligent than the rest of us.

I don't think that my logic was twisted.  Twisted logic implies that I did not make a coherent syllogism, which I'm pretty sure I did.  If you can tell me where I went beyond the realm of possibility, please enlighten...otherwise, I think your reply was reasonable; as is my faith.

Donald Bryson
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