[eDebate] Desperate Times?

Josh jbhdb8
Fri Apr 11 19:53:37 CDT 2008

I have responded to this letter in a backchannel to Doctor Warner.

I will honestly say certain things in this letter hurt my feelings more than
a little...Let me highlight a few:

EW: *It almost seems as if you are just flailing, desperate* for anything to
move the current debate in a different direction.  That's morbidly sad, but
even worse, do you not understand that it's exactly the quality of arguments
made in these efforts to avoid the truth that keep making me more convinced
debate needs something different?  *The coach of a late out-round team at
the NDT makes an argument lacking basic reasoning skills*.

EW:* You look like a sad, under-educated self-serving obstructionist that
will do anything with and to evidence to justify and protect your world.*
I'm sorry if this is harsh, but this is really frustrating to a productive
community conversation.  Please stop.


Ok, before this progresses.  Allow me to mention a few things:

1. I wrote this letter because I am very very frustrated with my own
problems with getting University support despite a high level of success.
It literally was not addressed to Doctor Warner or the "current trends in
debate."  I literally wrote the letter this refers to in a moment of
frustration over internal University issues.

2.  I literally said changes in method and topics etc would be good - I said
that I think there is a LARGER crisis and NOT that the crisis was ONE issue.


Now, that said, I refuse to engage in this conversation any longer.  I feel
I have been trying to be extremely professional in my conversations with
Doctor Warner lately.  I feel that this was not a fair or collegial
response.  I believed before, as I do know, that Doctor Warner wants the
best for Debate, that he is one of the best and most innovative coaches in
the activity, and that I must have caught him at a bad time (since the
letter was not addressed to him or anything that he has written lately).

Anyway, hope all goes well,



> Ede
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