[eDebate] Desperate Times

Ede Warner ewarner
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Fair enough.  Your point has merit.  Of course, grounding debate in a more educational purpose is killing the sole priority of debate as a game.  But the tone of the November post makes my credibility suspect.  As I've already coped to, my tone exemplifies the struggle involved with trying to folks to seriously consider some of the things I've said.  I work very hard to speak ethically and honestly on where I'm at during any given moment, a fluid process.  I concede the reality that I'm human, with human feelings that at times run counter to productive movement forward.  
Of the 1,100 folks on this list, it is my hope that some will find some broader understanding of what I've tried to do, choose not to reduce it to any one or two particular moments, and allow me the space to make mistakes, and to evolve.  In the here and now, I hope to find a more educational version of activity, as I did then, but now I attempt to do so in a more respectful tone.  In large part because I find urgency in the plight of the community given the lack of understanding that exists about one another in this community.  I too, hope one day, you will support working with me on the goals I've outlined, as oppose to expending energy trying to challenge my credibility.  But that's your agency.  Take care,


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You can see where people might have gotten confused...
"First, I want to make a confession. I don't want to destroy policy debate as you know it, as you love it, and as you live and die by it. "
"I today stand resolved: "Debate as a game, debate as pretend" must die. And I will do everything in my power to see that it ends. You seem to believe that you have a right to debate as a game, and that I should leave and go elsewhere, but you are so, so, so very wrong...I hate and will use the rest of my remaining energy on killing debate as a game...Debate as a game is going to die if I can help it"
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