[eDebate] The Hate that Hate that Hate Produced

Ede Warner ewarner
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Did you seriously just attempt to take a piece of evidence from me, for the purpose of proving I'm in agreement with you, when you remove the line of the evidence that proves the disagreement?  Do you have any ethical center what so ever?  Or are you just so angry that you can't see straight?
What you didn't underline in my evidence...Untouchable traditions, ingrained cultural practices, and overcoming the presumption against change, must all be examined 
The claim you made that I took issue with: we should look at travel and resources instead of debate practices.
Somehow Josh's whines then embolden Mr. M. "Hate" Korcok to restart his idiot campaign. Hurry up Elliott, pile on quick.  Maybe my next post can be a remix about the three bline mice?
Look this isn't hard.  We had some good talks, folks shared some experiences, and the common thread in every one of my post was a criticism of white perspectives by comparing them to a different set of experiences.  Personally, I thought that was productive.
But I was unable to continue the communication in ways that worked for some, perhaps many.  I'm cool with that.  This time, I'll do the privileged thing, and I'll walk away.  I have the exact same problem that Tria and Tiffany do, a belief that this community won't check this anti-educational and rampant unethical behavior.  If the rest of the 888 of you can't see it, or worse yet feel powerless to do something about that, then that's too bad.  Congratulations Mike and Josh, the status quo has been maintained, at least for now.  Feel free to blame me for the dysfunctionality of the listserv, for not caring about Josh, for making you the victims of my campaign to destroy white America, and for anything else that y'all feel the need to vent about.  Edebate is a great place to get that out.
Black people haven't, don't, and perhaps never will feel safe to express their ideas and experiences, at least on this listserv, in debates, on blogs, in hallways, just to name a few places.  Perhaps if they did, the community could move beyond the inmates you currently have running the asylum, aka edebate. The time and effort to try and explain my perspectives comes at massive sacrifice that is done towards trying to get some understanding of difference.  If the 888 of you left lack the courage or interest in checking these unethical, uncompassionate fools publicly so I don't feel that my sacrifices are made in vein and so they learn that their approaches to engagement are unacceptable, I have no choice but to stand down and look for other ways to engage. 
Later, (no love this time)


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Forget it Ede, 
You dont need to apologize to have a voice.  You dont need to apologize to be relevant or say the important things you say.  You dont need to apologize for any reason at all except to have a conversation with me.  It appears obvious you dont care about me so who gives two damns if I dont talk to you.
I have made concession after concession after concession only to have you continue to make the absurd argument that somehow, despite me LITERALLY saying the opposite in every email, that I am trying to obscure or marginalize your message.
If you really feel somehow that being totally unprofessional and rude is a crucial part of your message so be it......As David Marks mentions, its sometimes kind of hard to know what you really think.  Since you didnt like my first source....Let me try a second:

A Vision for the Future: Collegiate Debate in the Twenty-First Century
by Dr. Ede Warner, University of Louisville
The challenges for collegiate debate as we head into the year 2000 are numerous and significant. Financial, political, and diversity issues are all areas of both concern and opportunity. Specifically, the NDT has progressed in numerous and socially meaningful ways during the first fifty years. However, we can not rest on our laurels, as many hurdles must be overcome to ensure progress continues. The cost of participation in collegiate debate has always been an issue which directly affects the other areas mentioned above. Challenges exist both in terms of the generation of revenue, but perhaps more important, is the need to control the expense side of the equation. Debate uniquely creates a public relations irony for supporters because it generates little revenue while have a substantial cost-per-participant, especially at nationally-competitive levels. Creative responses to both sides of the equation are not just desirable, but critically necessary, if collegiate debate is to survive the "downsizing" of America, especially at public institutions. Untouchable traditions, ingrained cultural practices, and overcoming the presumption against change, must all be examined to fight the administrative battles of the twenty-first century, and combined with innovative new sources of funding and rethinking how we present the benefits of what we do, needs to uniformly occur throughout our activity.

Sounds kind of familliar Doctor Warner......Hmmmmm,
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