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nicholas brady nicholas.brady89
Mon Apr 14 02:21:56 CDT 2008

I will not answer all of your claims in a line-by-line fashion if for no
other reason than to reject the white aesthetic :).
But quite honestly i don't have the time to answer everything you said, but
i do have a large problem with the jist of your whole argument.
To say that I do not give credit to my elders is an ignorant assumption to
make of me, for if you truly knew me you would know that i have backing. I
take influence from perhaps the greatest Black thinker of all time in W.E.B.
DuBois, from the New Negro movement from Alain Locke to Zora Neale Hurston,
Gwendolyn Brooks made my favorite poem of all time and the poem that helped
me articulate this argument, King , Baker, and X are perhaps my favorite
activists of the sixties with Carmichael being my largest influence for this
argument, i take influence from Hip Hop, the strongest for this particular
argument being Public Enemy, 2pac, and Lil Jon. I don't know what you know
about the crunk revolution, but if you think i know nothing of those who
came before me than you know very little indeed. Simply because i do not
name you as an influence does not mean I am ignorant to your effect on this
community, it simply means that i have found something that is beyond your
influence. (no insult meant... but you choose to attack me first.... perhaps
if you would stop being NEEDLESSLY confrontational you would find more
allies and more coalitions)

The second thing i have a problem is your coach-centric style. In high
school my partner and I were the coaches for our team starting in our
sophmore year and going on from there. I am all for student self-reliance
and I think we are just as capable as those who came before us to craft
revolutionary arguments. Do we need coaches to help craft and better our
positions? yes. Do we need the coaches to "lead the revolution"? not so
much. Lay off dude, at the end of the day we need not be so confrontational
to change debate. This is why students must be the leaders, because we are
the ones tied to the activity as it currently is. We are the ones in the
battlefield fighting, and we are the ones making coalitions for change for
the future. Many coaches (not all but a lot) are bigots in their beliefs and
are very much stuck in their ways. Even you who self-reflects and changes
have shown all throughout this discussion to be too aggressive in your
opinions to ever lead a movement. The biggest difference between a movement
and an opinion is an opinion is led by one person while a movement is many
voices coming together to make change.

An opinion is one voice and a movement are many different voices.


You spend a paragraph essentially taking credit for leading a movement. That
is not leading a movement, that is simply selfishly attempting to take
credit for things that have developed. Those who are truly confident in
their power of their voice feel no need to brag and boast, they simply speak
and are heard and respected. If you believe in a movement you would do that:
speak and be heard, but would not feel the need to bully and prod those who
essentially agree with you.

A movement is made up of DIFFERENT voices who gather for the same cause.
Stokeley Carmichael is different from Martin Luther King who is different
from DuBois who is different from Randuolph who is different from Malcolm X,
but they ALL played a role in the events of the sixties that led to
monumental changes.
So if you refuse to form a coalition with me and others simply because we
don't agree on all points, it is YOU who is not paying attn to our elders
and to the movement that came before us.

So do you have a place in this movement? Yes. But learn how to stop fighting
to be at the forefront and simply learn to be a PART of this movement for
equality in Debate. You are not the only person that personally is tied to
this, so learn how to play nice and form coalitions with people that are
fighting for the same thing.

I still am hoping for a discussion on practical things we can do to foster
discussion on race in debate. As for the crunk revolution, you will see it
start next year. I am a student debater and i do my fighting on the
battlefield of debates, see you in the trenches.

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