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But hey, I'm just the paranoid fool who is prone to hyperbole because I  
characterized my neighborhood in ways that Mike Bryant doesn't see.   

1. You get mad when people add words to what you actually say.
2. I did not call you a fool, sir. Perhaps a bit paranoid and hyperbolic  for 
characterizing a relatively safe ethnically-mixed neighborhood (one in which  
you chose to place your family!!) as the home of the Klan. But, please, do 
not  show me the disrespect of manipulating my words simply for the sake of  
your own rhetorical strategies.
Dr. Warner I respect you, your academic achievements, coaching  
accomplishments and even your obvious intellect. What I don't really  respect is your 
unwillingness to take the step from playing games in debate  rounds to actual 
social activism. When race riots break out in Louisville,  as they have within 
recent times in such nearby cities as Cincinnati and  Indianapolis, I'm sure you 
will have the comfort of pointing out that you saw it  coming. And I'm also 
sure that you and your family will be relatively safe in  the "Klan" neighborhood 
of Okolona.
I, too, am often dismayed at the slow progress of social and cultural  
evolution. Labeling Okolona, however, as the home of the Klan is as openly  racist 
as calling the West End the home of heroin addicts and drive-by shooters.  Want 
to weigh probabilities? While I am no fan of Confederate flags, do you  
really think every white Southerner with a Confederate flag is a Klansman? When  
have you ever seen a Klansman who wasn't on the U of L campus? 
Yes, sir, your embrace of hyperbole far exceeds any real embrace of either  
activism or coalition-building. 
Your other insinuations don't deserve a response.
Okolona-Highview, KY 

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