[eDebate] Sorting it out...

Kevin Sanchez let_the_american_empire_burn
Tue Apr 15 03:00:35 CDT 2008

david marks is more than competent (and more competent than myself) to respond to david glass tomorrow, but i figured i'd give it a shot tonight (err this morning)...

glass writes (http://www.ndtceda.com/pipermail/edebate/2008-April/074819.html), 
"how do you reconcile Towson saying that they want to
fiat action by the debate community to correct a problem with fairness in being able to play the game, vs a team who wants to fiat a construct within the game? One side is saying before we can play, we need to fix the game;
the other side is saying, we came to play the game."

'meta-fairness'-issues (for lack of a more appropriate term) are already ubiquitous: isn't your standard topicality violation also 'one side saying before we can play, X' and 'the other side saying, we came to play the game, so Y'? 

what's the relation between the nature of X and the special condition of irreconcilability in the subset of X you're picking out? - that is, what does it matter if X is 'we need to fix the game first' or 'we need to enforce resolutional boundaries first', since they both include 'we can't play ball as usual'.

either way, the judge's decision-calculus is the same: if not X, then Y. ...if i'm unpersuaded by the alleged inadequacy of normal parameters, then i'll vote on the unrefuted arguments operating within those parameters.

you might reply, 'but topicality doesn't allege the inadequacy of normal parameters'. then why, i ask, are judges obliged to consider it prior to other issues? ...there must be some deviation from the norm - in this case, the non-topical instance of affirmative fiat - if 'case outweighs' seldom flies.

this entire discussion then seems best clarified by the conventional distinction between procedure and substance. from such a perspective, and in spite of all characterizations to the contrary, teams such as towson appear to be calling for a point of order.

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