[eDebate] Yet more apologies aka That Closet is Really Dirty

JP Lacy lacyjp
Wed Apr 16 00:34:42 CDT 2008

My second apology extends to one in particular but a group of folks that 
taught me debate coaching, debate strategy, and shared the experiences 
that lay the foundation for what I became.  The Wake Forest Demon 
Deacons won the NDT and in the midst of the Towson discussion, few are 
remembering and/or celebrating their accomplishment.  I want to 
personally congratulate Ross, All, the staff and all of the debaters.  
The artificial distinction that Louisville and Wake don't share "debate" 
is as much hyperbole and stereotype as any of the others I've apologized 

I should have written this long ago.

First, very late congratulations to Towson for a well deserved CEDA 
victory and a great NDT.

Second, thanks to Ede for his congratulations. He's right. We share 
debate. I mean that in the greatest sense of "share" that I can. I love 
this thing we do.

Third: Does "trash talk" about Towson diminish Wake's victory at the NDT?


Very, Very Much.

It did & it does.

It is an insult to the game, to Towson CL, and an insult to all the 
great competitors who gave their best against them at CEDA and the NDT.

At the end of the day, Towson CL had the best arguments to win the 
national championship.

No one has ever won a national championship by underestimating their 
opponents. The trash talking needs to stop and the preparation needs to 


ps-Yes, I know, most of the "backlash" was stupid casual talk. But, 
Towson proved by clearing at the NDT that their arguments were far 
better than "casual talk."

pps-Congrats again to Towson CL!! Ede (sort of) implied that Wake's win 
at the NDT was drowned out by controversy over y'alls CEDA win. I don't 
care what A Ryan has to say about CEDA. Celebrate your win again and 

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