[eDebate] a Slightly More Strongly Worded Suggestion About Forum Choice

Michael Antonucci antonucci23
Wed Apr 16 18:22:00 CDT 2008

Mariam Razian Willis:

"It's pretty easy to filter your edebate messages into
a separate email folder to view at your convenience.
It's pretty darn simple to read the subject line and
mark and delete messages that are not of interest to
you and have only messages of interest remaining.
Takes approximately 2.5 seconds. Seems to solve the
personal problem and leaves dialog open."

1. You can't count on people being good at subject
lines.  They aren't.  (ev avail on request)

2. Any 2.5 second operation repeated a large number of
times adds up to much more than 2.5 seconds.  

It also only takes 2.5 seconds to:
-- cut a card with scissors and tape
-- just be chill about this whole 'assembly line'
thing.  What's one widget, more or less?
-- connect to this one web page via dialup

3. Bulletin board systems just thread better by
keeping like text logically grouped together.  This
would be particularly useful to people who
*frequently* voice frustration over the tendency of
certain inflammatory discussion to 'crowd out'
discussions they consider more important, such as
administrative announcements or topic discussion.

I have a preference, but I don't have a dog in the
fight.  If you prefer this system, I care little.  If
y'all don't like the consequences, though, consider
altering the format instead of heaping scorn or snark
on people who 'overwrite.'

Bottom line: y'all like doing it this way, so don't
get uptight about the inevitable consequences of your

The fault lies not in your Hoe, but in yourselves.

"Many people, who are not participating in the edebate
discussion, ARE reading and discussing these posts in
other venues at great value to every one involved."

Cool.  Where?

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