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I had no idea as to the depth of Bricker's nerdiness...I'd like to see Bricker's retort!

"Jennings, Andrew Joseph" <ajhawk2 at ku.edu> wrote: 
The Following Story is Completely True

The Life of Brett Bricker

The Early Years

Bricker was a chess champion and a mathlete in Jr. High. Debate was bound to be integral to his cool status. In high school Bricker revolutionized Kansas high school debate. His mainstream negative argument was Baudrillard (pronounced Bah-Drill-Ard). He compiled over four camp files in a huge expando and went to town with Jean. Bricker had at 9 tubs. In Kansas 9 tubs is the ultimate sign of badassness given that evidence doesn?t need to be read in front of most parents.

Bricker also singlehandedly ruined Kansas high school debate. Before Bricker there were two ?divisions?: champ and open. In champ college kids and former debaters usually judged while open debate was reserved for those who enjoyed traditional slow debate. 
Bricker went to every tournament in open so he could get some random judge who could flow then read 13 off but only go for Bahdrillard in the 2NC. After a whole bunch of JV kids quit debate because Bricker went so fast they collapsed the two divisions into one so Bricker wouldn?t pick on younger kids anymore. The first time I met Bricker was when he received his 14th award for 1st speaker in the open division. 

The only thing I could think was that this dude?s hair was way too goofy looking. For those of you that don?t remember Bricker?s hair pre 2006, I?ll direct you here: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Emo_hair.jpg It was tight.

The Later Years

I first met Bricker when we went to the KU camp the Summer after our senior year. I couldn?t get over how goofy his hair looked but I quickly quit worrying after he adapted his hot K arguments to KU debate. In his first practice debate Bricker went for the States Counterplan with a Biopower net benefit. In the 2NC he kicked the counterplan and read space exploration bad as a net benefit to biopower since his alternative didn?t engage in biopolitical control. High schoolers should take note. I wish this story wasn?t true but it isn?t. 

Bricker and Lindsey rolled into UNI with a round one matchup against SMS KO. Turned out they were just SMS OK this round after Ozzy responded to consult japan with a non-unique to relations and went on. 

A legend was born.

Bricker ended up doing a bunch of other mediocre stuff but his real career started with KU BJ. After Bricker labeled all of our tubs KU JB we knew he was insecure about something. That was quickly ended after KU JB was the top seed and lost in Octas over a dozen times. I don?t really have any entertaining stories and me and Bricker except that he spent over a month working on an Iran Prolif K that he was positive he would go for sometime. If only it was Baudrillard.

The End

I wrote this not knowing if there would be DCA?s but knew I might not ever get a chance to tell the world how goofy this guy really is. But I really love him. Bricker you?re my best friend, you?ve been there for me through the best and worst of times and I?d do anything for you. I don?t know what I?d do without you but when you leave me one day I?ll miss you to death. 


P.S. Bricker?s such a dork that when I told him I had written this he got the goofiest smile on his face. You really are a dork Bricker. 
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