[eDebate] Arms Control

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Sun Apr 20 16:06:09 CDT 2008

I suspect your concern about bilateral cooperation is that it needs to be
more limited. I think we can limit it contextually ("bilat coop on trade,
environmental, or military issues" is a hypothetical, unresearched, and
almost assuredly unlimiting example) or, alternately, not limit it at all
(to give individuals looking for a larger topic an option. The committee is
not and has never been limited to the topic paper wordings. This controversy
papers are jumping off points only. Bilateral cooperation with Russia is a
stable area for ground; there is opposition to the very idea of cooperating
with Russia which is JUST as good as the ground that opposes controlling
nuclear weapons (which is, to say, not very good for many people who arent
neocon hacks). Finally, allowing weapons prolif talks is not the same as
necessitating it. OU also beat MU last year, if you'll recall. Also, my
football team plays in a BCS bowl every other year. Dont hold your breath on
KU, sweetheart. We wont even talk about OU CEDA finals records ;)

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