[eDebate] Arms Control

john foy glueboy1
Sun Apr 20 16:12:58 CDT 2008

Aww Man!  Stone, I have to tell you this would blow.  It would be nice if K teams had better ground than nuclearism and state bad.  Russia is marginally better and you really get to debate about nukes all you want under that topic.  
Unrelated to this specific topic paper (which I haven't read) I always like it when the kritik ground part of any paper is an obvious last minute throw in.  They're always like: "The topic would also offer extensive ground to kritikal teams in the community.  Due to the presence of a USFG actor they get normativity and borders ground."  And then they spend 20 pages on possible PIC strats.  Oh well, I don't write em so I'll stop bitching.
On the other hand these complaints probably make it an attractive topic for some people so, whatever.
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