[eDebate] Arms Control and Russian K Lit

David Glass gacggc
Sun Apr 20 18:37:34 CDT 2008

yes, it is hard to avoid the notion that "giving K ground" = explicitly
irritating one group or another, or explicitly being insensitive to a
particular conflict or identification

On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 7:29 PM, Thomas Howard <thowarddebates at gmail.com>

> http://acta.uta.fi/pdf/951-44-5847-8.pdf
> I believe that this dissertation demonstrates that critical literature
> specifically rooted in Russia is focused away from arms control and instead
> on Russian identity and European relations. Sergei Porozov and Andrey
> Makarychev are, from what I've ascertained, the core authors in this
> sub-field. Again, to echo Foy's truth, to many less K ground = better topic.
> -Tom Howard
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