[eDebate] K ground on Russia

M G malgorthewarrior
Wed Apr 23 15:39:25 CDT 2008

I agree with Paul that there will be some good lit on Russia, but there will be very little about Russia itself.  Most of it will be standard K args about civilized v barbaric, us promotion of seemingly benign reforms, and generic security arguments.  critical theorists in IR focus little on Russia because admittedly US rhetoric in IR has shifted to focus on the risk of failed states, and foreign policy in more peripheral areas where we are concerned with the growth of radical factions that could promote terrorism.

The K ground on russia will derive more from advantages, which should be good news for policy debaters, given the increasing requirement that Ks solve or link to all aff advantages.  Diversity of advantages is a great way for policy teams to leverage offense against the K, and Russia would certainly provide that opportunity.  Free trade, hegemony, democracy promotion, terrorism.  

Quigley is probably right (most likely meaning he didn't think of this himself), the arguments will be slightly repetitive.  But despite what the haters of the K think (oh policy hacks and your lack of reflexivity), it's no different than any other position in debate in that the more successful teams will have more specific K links args.  Just like the most successful policy teams will have more specific DAs.  Regardless of the argument, specificity always lends more credibility.


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