[eDebate] Cormack/Professor/Ag Still Sucks

Chris Stone cstone387
Wed Apr 23 20:39:12 CDT 2008

I just wanted to answer Russell's uniqueness about cooperation really quick
- note it's about military cooperation.

    Here are some quotes from the Cormack article
    U.S. President George W. *Bush on Wednesday envisaged an 'unprecedented
level' of cooperation between Russia and NATO by integrating former Soviet
military sites into an anti-missile system in Europe. 'We are inviting
Russia to join us in this cooperative effort,'* said Bush in Bucharest,
venue of a NATO summit that will also include Russian leader Vladimir Putin.
He proposed that Soviet-era military sites could be part of a
'threat-monitoring system,' and added: *'This could lead to an unprecedented
level of strategic cooperation between Russia and the NATO alliance.' ...
'The Cold War is over,' the president added. 'Russia is not our enemy. We
are working toward a new security relationship with Russia whose foundation
does not rest on the prospect of mutual annihilation.'*

Count on Russell not being able to read. The copy of Hooked on Phonics is in
the mail.
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