[eDebate] The missile defense UQ issue (Why Stone Cant Read)

Chris Stone cstone387
Thu Apr 24 08:39:50 CDT 2008

I see the copy of Hooked on Phonics hasn't made it to you yet. The
foundation for cooperation often begins with rhetoric and agreements. You
are write there aren't concrete plans in place yet, but there are certainly
moves towards them. Here is a quote from the topic paper 'The United States
has refused unprecedented Russian offers of missile defense cooperation so
as to maintain unilateral American capabilities in Eastern Europe.' Now, the
article we posted says Bush is now offering that cooperation. Which means
that we have PREDICTIVE evidence about what is going to happen in the
future. Your evidence is inconclusive at best and says there is a risk of
confrontation. Here are some quotes that make you look silly.

>From http://jamestown.org/edm/article.php?article_id=2372962
'The atmosphere of confrontation that has dominated official Russian
statements and the state-controlled propaganda machine has been diluted by
offers of friendship and cooperation.'
'Putin and George Bush endorsed a U.S.-Russia Strategic Framework
Declaration that outlined future cooperation on arms control, anti-missile
defense, MOD proliferation, the fight against international terrorism,
containing Iran's nuclear ambitions, Russia's WTO membership and so on.
While unspecific on details, the declaration was high on rhetoric: They
agreed that the foundation for the relationship between the United States
and Russia should be based on the core principles of friendship,
cooperation, openness and predictability; and they rejected the "zero-sum
thinking" of the Cold War when "what was good for Russia was bad for
America" and vice versa (U.S. White House, April 6).'
' The desire to end public hostilities over an MD in the spirit of the new
detente is all the more significant after Bush's brief meeting in Sochi with
president-elect Medvedev, who pledged to continue Putin's policy of
cooperation with the United States (Itar-Tass, April 6).'
'Medvedev got Putin's blessing to continue with detente, which will make it
much harder for the Russian military-industrial complex and other
anti-Western forces to attack moves by Medvedev to decrease tension.'

And here is what you got out of the article
'The present period of perceived detente may easily end in renewed
confrontation as other periods of d?tente did during the Cold War.'

This article (http://www.worldpoliticsreview.com/article.aspx?id=1904)
concludes that the reason the Russians haven't agreed is because they think
the Democrats are going to win and abandon it. It also says the Democrats
will cooperate with Russia.

NATO agreed to work on missile defense and it's a big policy change
NATO tasked further work to develop options for the protection of all
Alliance territory and populations, and reiterated its desire to work
together with Russia on missile defense, including the potential for a joint
architecture including elements of United States, NATO and Russian missile
defense systems. Given the history of this issue, including the skepticism
with which Allies initially approached missile defense, this was a
considerable achievement.

Peacekeeping cooperation now - same cite
NATO continues to seek to work together with Russia to address common
interests such as nonproliferation, counterterrorism, and counternarcotics
with respect to Afghanistan. While our cooperation has not lived up to the
expectations we had when the NATO-Russia Council was created in 2002, we
remain no less committed to overcoming the zero-sum, Cold War mentality of
the past and focusing on genuine security cooperation on issues of mutual
concern. Russia's offer of land transit for NATO's non-military supplies to
Afghanistan shows that cooperation is possible. **

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