[eDebate] The missile defense UQ issue (Why Stone Cant Read)

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Thu Apr 24 08:47:09 CDT 2008

Again, and Im sure this is the last time Ill have to do this because
everyone has to be getting bored with your inability to recognize the
difference between a public pronouncement for political reasons and an
actual plan that is being done, none of the splices of evidence you "cut"
from those articles says anything except people would like to work with
Russia, but nothing is being done. The State Department evidence about NATO
is only more "we promise we really want to do this" evidence. This is
political double-speak for "we'd like the credit without having to hammer
out the details of substantive cooperation". Substantive cooperation is the
heart of the topic. Also, NATO doing it is great evidence for the neg's
multilateral counterplan and a part of the reason bilateral coop in the
topic is a good idea to provide a unifying approach for negative
strategy-making. Bilateral vs. unilateral and multilateral approaches should
be a centerpiece of this topic. I repeat: you have only produced evidence
that there is a desire for coop, not that there has been substantive
improvement in cooperation. The Putin quote I provided is on-point evidence
of how Russia feels about this.

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