[eDebate] Speakers at BCD Coop

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Fri Aug 1 16:31:24 CDT 2008

1.       Mike Stark (WVU)

2.       Dayvon Love (Towson)

3.       Hong Mei Pang (Towson)

4.       Deverick Murray (Towson)

5.       Matheno Frazier Bey (Towson)

6.       Ben Crossan (Binghamton)

7.       Andrew Novick (WVU)

8.       Amit Patel (WVU)

9.       Dwayne Jackson (Morgan State)

10.   Nicole Cheatom(Coppin State)

11.   Valarea Jones (Towson )

12.   Megan Coffman (WVU)

13.   Vicente Roseales (East LA)

14.   Schuyler Ingram (WVU)
15.   Mike Padillia (East LA)

We would also like to than the Particpants from Richmond, West Connecticut,
Kansas State, CCBC, and Baltimore City High School Students who particpated
in labs , the tournament, and other parts of the camp but had to leave early
due to travel arrangements
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