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James Lyle jrlyle
Fri Aug 1 20:38:34 CDT 2008

I'll post a more formal invite in the near future but want to get the basics
out for people and have attached it below.  The only thing worth taking note
of right now is the hotel info.  Although our rate is good as long as rooms
are open, our block is good until 8-28.  If you are coming, or think you
might, reserve rooms and overbook.  As our tournament ends, the local Autumn
Leaf Festival begins and rooms that are available may become harder to get
as the tournament gets closer.

Jim Lyle

2nd Annual Clarion University "Autumn Leaf" Debate Tournament

Friday thru Sunday, September 26-28

2 rounds, 4 rounds, elims

Lunch provided on both Sat/Sun.

Hotel will provide breakfast.

Tournament hotel - Comfort Inn ? cut-off date for rooms is Aug 28, $65/night
- 129 Dolby St., Clarion, PA 16214, (814) 226-5230.  Note: rooms are
available after the 28th at the same rate but the block reverts back to
general public availability.  While this may seem to be of marginal
importance given the normal frequency of travelers to Clarion, the Autumn
Leaf Festival begins on the 28th and this will make it much harder to get
rooms after the block closes.

We will seek CEDA and ADA sanctioning.

Fees ? We'd like to say that we don't have to raise our fees at all, and if
we are able to garner some outside support for the tournament then maybe we
won't but for now we are planning on the following: $25.00 per person and a
$10.00 fee for each team entered.  If fees are an issue, please contact us
and we will do our best to help with constraints.

Tab room ? Our tab room will be headed up by Mike Davis of JMU.

Hybrids ? Are allowed and can clear to the elims

Judging ? 1 judge is required for every 2 teams.

Banquet ? Last year we were able to provide a Saturday evening banquet due
to support from the University President.  It is our goal to be able to
again provide a banquet.

Traveling trophies for division champions.

Tentative Schedule

Friday, September 26**

11:00 Registration (at hotel)

3:30   Round 1

5:45   Round 2

Saturday, September 27

8:30   Round 3

10:45 Round 4


2:00  Round 5

4:30  Round 6

Sunday, September 28

1st elim

Elims Continue

Lunch available
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