[eDebate] Who are you talking to?

Adam Jackson baltimoredebate
Sun Aug 3 20:24:30 CDT 2008

1. I'm not your fucking "dear" or "sweetheart".

2. No one's making backhanded statements at anyone. I never said I had  
any problems with Chris or Avery, there were arguments in that debate  
that they decided to ignore and it illustrated the problems that we  
have in this debate community (did you even listen to Hester's RFD?)

3. You're not my parent, guardian, friend or acquaintance, so don't  
sit at your computer screen, commanding me to do anything. I am the  
only person who actually had the footage, and it was important that  
everyone else actually saw what went down so we can discuss it, rather  
than let rumors circle and allowing people to make shit up about what  
actually happened.

4. I am not "attacking" anyone, Bill, Chris and Avery decided to make  
those arguments and they defended their decision. The underlying  
problem is that we don't like it when we see that raw uncensored  
clusterfuckery that is our debate community, and that we would rather  
cloak it and ignore rather than discuss it.

5. Be an adult? What about Shanahan? Everyone discussing this footage  
seems to be ignoring his actions. He MOONED EVERYBODY. He should be  
the first on the list for the "Be an Adult about It" discussion. Don't  
try to talk down to me like I'm a first year novice debater who  
doesn't know what the fuck I'm talking about. You want to talk about  
face-to-face interactions, why don't you come to me and speak on it  
instead of ignoring the obvious.

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